Orgyen Khandroling
Buddhist Meditation Center

Welcome to Orgyen Khandroling Buddhist Meditation Center!

Orgyen Khandroling is located at 3300 Josephine St. Denver, Co. 80238. Our Meditation Center is open to the public on Thursday evenings from 7-9 pm and also Sunday mornings from 8:45 to noon for regular practice. See our core practice schedule to learn more about weekly practice. We also host teachings and programs with Anyen Rinpoche on a regular basis. See our program schedule to learn more about the programs we offer.

Parking is available on a limited basis behind the building, and on the street on the west and south sides of the building. Please be careful not to block the driveways of neighboring houses.

Entering the Shrineroom

When you visit our shrineroom, we ask that you abide by a few courtesies in order to show respect for the sacred environment that has been created. First, remove your shoes and any head coverings before you enter. If you like, offer prostration or bow after entering. Use a low voice if you need to ask a question while in the shrineroom.

If you join in a practice session, please be careful not to place your text on the floor. Also, if you notice someone else’s text on the floor, please pick it up and place it on a table. Finally, there is a jar beside the south side entrance where you may place an offering of any amount if you wish. All donations support Orgyen Khandroling Buddhist Meditation Center.