Orgyen Khandroling
Buddhist Meditation Center

Core Practices

In addition to sitting meditation, under Anyen Rinpoche's guidance, our sangha engages in various practices on a monthly basis. Our sangha meets regularly on Sunday mornings at Orgyen Khandroling Center for practice. We also have open meditation practice time or public talks with Anyen Rinpoche on the Bodhisattva Path scheduled for Thursday evenings. You can find more information about attending practices and talks on the schedule page.
Reciting the 100 syllable mantra of Vajrasattva is said to be one of the most powerful ways to purify negative karma, habits, damaged tantric samaya, and obstacles. We recite this mantra both aloud and silently during our one hour practice.
Open Meditation
Our open meditation commences with singing the 7 Line Prayer, and is followed by silent meditation. Feel free to join in the recitation or just practice silently. All are welcome.
Medicine Buddha/Sur
The recitation of the names of the 8 Medicine Buddhas as well as the long, medium and short Medicine Buddha mantra can bring healing and wellbeing to ourselves and others. We conclude this practice session with Sur, an offering to assist those who have already passed away and are abiding in the bardo states.
Phowa is a Longchen Nyingthig practice that is done for ourselves and others at the time of death. To fully participate in this practice, one should receive teaching and training from Anyen Rinpoche through the Phowa Foundation.
Tsok, or the ganachakra feast offering, is an offering and purification practice that is enjoyed by all. We make offerings of food and drink, make prayers to bless the food, and then share a meal together. If you choose to attend tsok, please bring a beautiful offering of new, unopened food or drink to be shared with the sangha.
Rigdzin Dupa
The Gathering of Vidyadharas is a Longchen Nyingthig sadhana practice to accomplish Padmasambhava. We practice this sadhana regularly in order to prepare for our annual drubchen.
Yoga is led by our vajra brother David Secondo. Sessions are gentle and focus on working with the breath. All are welcome.