Orgyen Khandroling
Buddhist Meditation Center

Non-Profit Projects

Orgyen Khandroling, Inc., a 501c3 non-profit organization, focuses on three main projects to achieve its mission to benefit beings through maintaining Tibetan culture and Vajrayana Buddhism.

First, the Orgyen Khandroling Center located at 3300 Josephine St. Denver, Colorado is a place where students can gather for serious study and practice in the tradition of the Longchen Nyingthig. The center is presided over by Anyen Rinpoche, our spiritual guide.

Second, the Phowa Foundation is an organization formed out of Anyen Rinpoche’s book Dying with Confidence. It offers training, support and prayers for the ill and dying, and resources to plan for a spiritual death.

Finally, the Tibetan Education Project enables us to sponsor children in rural Tibet to attend school and become bilingual in Chinese and Tibetan, thereby maintaining their own culture while also engaging in modern society. We welcome your support and involvement in all of these wonderful projects!