Orgyen Khandroling
Buddhist Meditation Center


Most of us have spent our whole lives thinking small. Today, we invite you to think big! Imagine what a great impact you can have on the community, the state, the country, the world. By supporting the Dharma, we have the chance to change our world for the better. We have the chance to spread loving kindness, compassion, and peace of mind.

Contributing on a monthly basis to the Orgyen Khandroling sangha as a member is one of the best ways to show your love and commitment to Anyen Rinpoche, our precious lineage, and the Buddhadharma. We hope you will take up this invitation to practice generosity! Based on your (tax-deductible) monthly donations, our center offers meditation, practice times, and public teachings to the community.

Download Recurring Donation Form

Every month, the Orgyen Khandroling Center is supported by practitioners just like you. Many of us have the perception that the financial responsibility of organizations is shouldered by the few who have the most resources. Actually, this isn’t true! It is by working together, and each of us donating based on our own means that as a group, we have the power to support the teachings, our center and the Dharma. When we work together, we are all equal in our efforts. Each of us only has a limited amount of money, this is undeniable. But if we are creative, and challenge ourselves, we can find ways to redirect our resources in meaningful ways.

Rinpoche often reminds his students that the positive intention behind actions makes them powerful. The amount you are able to contribute is not important, but contributing what you can with the intention of benefitting others is important. Amplify the impact of love and compassion in our world by aligning yourself with others, and live in the spirit of generosity. If you are so inspired, please fill out the OK pledge form! We currently have donors who donate anywhere from $25 to $300 a month or more. All contributions are appreciated and welcomed!

Membership Benefits

All practitioners are welcome to join our center as “members” by making a monthly donation to Orgyen Khandroling at any level. To make a monthly pledge, please take a moment to fill out and mail in or email our membership form.

While donations are always appreciated when you visit the center, members need not make any donation to attend any of our regularly scheduled weekly practices. Please just drop by for sitting practice, or any of our other core practices (Tsok, Vajrasattva, Medicine Buddha, Phowa)! Also members may feel free to borrow books from our extensive dharma library. We hope you will feel at home – this is your center!

So-called “gold” members are members who contribute $50 or more per month to the Center upkeep, and these members may also take advantage of lesser donation levels for larger programs held at the center.

Feel free to contact for more information.